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Our Projects

Ellsworth E3 project committees start with a community-led vision. When someone has an idea, we encourage them to engage others who share their desire for similar quality of life improvements. 

When they are "team-ready" to start organizing, we help them form a committee under our non-profit umbrella. Once a project is approved for Project Support by our Board of Directors, we empower the committee to take the lead on their project, becoming the project managers to see it through to completion. 

Through the process, we offer our support through fundraising, grant writing, presenting to other agencies/interested parties, finding volunteers, and creating community awareness. 

Committees can be formed to take on a single challenge, or bring awareness to a larger, ongoing effort. From smaller projects like the Ellsworth planters to larger, ongoing efforts like a future dog park, all are considered.

We have helped raise more than $50,000 to date toward local projects. We continue to support the following initiatives:

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