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In October of 2018, hundreds of community members gathered with the UW-Extension team of planning professionals to envision a future for our Ellsworth community.  Ellsworth E3 was started in 2019 to help with redevelopment initiatives that came about from this "Design Ellsworth Community Event".  The small group of community leaders that helped to found Ellsworth E3, did so to empower Ellsworth with an organization that could provide resources to community members looking to take on projects to improve the quality of life in our community.

It truly takes a village to come together and bring positive change, and E3 is committed to the shared visions of our community members.  Using the strength of our non-profit status, community-led project committees are able to seek project support that includes access to funds, volunteers, information, and education to see their ideas become reality. 

We value strong partnerships with the Village of Ellsworth Board of Trustees, the Community Development Authority, the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, the Pierce County Economic Development Corporation, UW-Extension, and the Ellsworth Community School District to leverage the resources available throughout the community.  

All these efforts take time and manpower, and we are fortunate our volunteer Board of Directors includes community members with skill sets that can effectively and efficiently lead this organization into the future.  From local business owners to educators, our board encompasses a diverse group that is committed to the future of Ellsworth and willing to give their time and effort to the cause.  With continued interest from community members to lead, this powerful non-profit entity will be a useful tool for generations.

current board

Kayleen Jakes (President),

Anne Pechacek (Secretary),

Raynee Farrell (Treasurer),

Karissa Hanson (Member at Large),

Tiffany Meyer, Sara Nigbor,

Naomi Sarnstrom

founding board

E3-Executive Committee 2019_edited.jpg

Bottom row, left to right: Angie Whelan, Jenny Funk,
Amber Ristow, Adam Westrich

 Back from left to right: Curt Wandmacher and Raynee Farrell

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